2014 Golden Globes fashion

So last night were the 2014 Golden Globes…and I think this is definitely one of my favorite shows. There is a level of respect and glamour, yet everyone is having a great time. I think food and an open bar have a lot to do with it… 🙂



That and these two- who by the way KILLED it last night! GO TINA AND AMY! 


My only complaint: not enough Tina and Amy moments!


But back to the real reason for this post- the fashion.


Honestly, I think everyone looked great for the most part. There were only a few dresses that I yelled “What the What?” and “Go home and change!”…those you will see below. But really, I thought overall everyone looked great, even if they aren’t mentioned below. 


So…lets start with a few of my favorites:


GG 2014 love


OK- so I really didn’t mean to choose all black dresses, but I think these ladies KILLED their red carpet looks. There were soooo many other great looks last night too- it was really hard to decide. Cate totally made up for that lavender/neon yellow beaded thing she wore the last time she was at an awards show, Sophia is NOT wearing a mermaid dress (yay!!) and Amy looks wonderful. 


Next category- Make-up that made me go whaaaaaa?! (In a good way)


GG 2014 makeup


Though I wasn’t crazy about Jennifer’s dress (but loving all the remakes!) Her makeup was gorgeous! Same with Emma Thompson…her hair and makeup stylist should get an award for making her look 20 years younger! And though I didn’t see her last night during the show, Mayim Bialik just looks incredible in this photo. 


Up next: How to (and how not to) rock your pregnancy at a red carpet event:


GG 2014 maternity


Olivia and Kerry: Congats on doing this correctly! You ladies looked fabulous! Drew…not so much. No offense to her, but I think there are way too many fabric blooms/butterflies all over your dress. 


Now on to the “editing eye” category: If one thing could have been added or changed to this look it would have been in the love category.


GG 2014 this needs something


Sandra: I love the top half of her dress…the bottom, not so much. if that was just straight black and/or a straight sillouette I think it would have been a lot better. But yeah, the powder blue has to go. T-Swizzle: you need a rockin’ necklace. Talk to Sophia. and Tina: I love everything you do, but not all that extra fabric. 


Moving on to the ladies that a) forgot to do their hair or b) their hair stylist didn’t show up. 


GG 2014 forgot hair


Seriously- I don’t get the slicked back look. Or the dirty/wet look. And Kaley just looks like she got a blow-out and pushed it to the side. Hi- I can do that. 


The next category- one of my favorites- the project runway category!


GG 2014 project runway


Paula: That is disgusting. You almost made the nope list. Edie…someone forgot to finish the top half of your dress. And Julia**- did you forget to take off your cover shirt to protect your dress while someone is doing your make-up? 


**Julia- you are wonderful. You looked great. I could go either way with your dress. If I had a chance to wear that Dolce & Gabanna dress I would in a heartbeat. 


Now for the ladies that woke up with the most residue on their lady parts from all the double sided tape they had to wear to keep their “golden globes” hidden:


GG 2014 hollywood tape


Luckily we all avoided a wardrobe malfunction. 


And last, but certainly not least: the “NOPE! Go home and change!” Category:


GG 2014 nope


Zoey D took a page from Anna Farris at the people’s choice awards and ravaged the mother of the bride section of a bridal boutique (and not a good one), Heidi Klum is trying to make chokers happen like Gretchen tried to make “Fetch” happen, and the other Zoe…did she buy her dress off of Etsy?


There you have it! My humble opinions of some of the dresses from last night. 


What did you think of the fashion? Who were your favorites?

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