93 Things Your Cat Thinks About On The Average Day

I think this is always true. Always. 



1. “I should run into this other room really fast!”

2. “This kale backlash is getting old. Just eat healthier, guys.”

3. “The internet is tearing us apart, but it’s also bringing us closer together.”

4. “I’m gonna go nap.”

5. “Do you think the debt ceiling will ever get lowered?”

6. “I’m glad I have such a nice support system of friendship in my life.”

7. “Sometimes I wonder why old people love ‘Two and a Half Men’ so much.”


9. “I’m gonna go nap.”

10. “Are we supposed to be gardening more?”

11. “What?”

12. “What would happen if all the McDonald’s in the world disappeared?”

13. “This string is amazing. Think I could eat it?”

14. “Everyone should get a hug at least once a day for better mental health.”

15. “Cleaning my butt with my tongue is super normal.”

16. “Do I hear rain?”

17. “Can’t believe this jingle ball comes from the actual devil, and it’s up to me to kill it.”

18. “Humans should have a regular nap time.”

19. “Baked goods seem to make the world go round.”

20. “Who?”

21. “Almost everything is better than sliced bread.”

22. “Do you remember why I ran in here so fast?”

23. “I love pooping in this box! Hell, I love pooping in any box!”

24. “Reality TV is great escapism for the masses.”

25. “Where does water come from?”

26. “I just really hope the glass ceiling gets broken soon because it’s driving me up a wall.”

27. “Also, I’m teaching myself how to climb walls, coincidentally.”

28. “How do subway conductors get to work?”

29. “I’m gonna go nap.”

30. “Every piece of furniture is my favorite scratching post!”

31. “Remember ‘Will & Grace?’”

32. “Does anyone actually want an Edible Arrangement?”

33. “Was I just doing something?”

34. “I wish I could hang out inside the refrigerator all day long, honestly.”

35. “I’m gonna go nap.”

36. “The ocean doesn’t have weather underwater, right?”

37. “Weird how we’re all ok with circuses.”

38. “Huh?”

39. “You sure eat a lot of chips on the weekend.”

40. “I’m gonna go nap.”

41. “Maybe I should change my fur style soon, just to shake things up.”

42. “Was that rain I just heard?”

43. “Why don’t people text back immediately?”

44. “Ugh, forgot why I ran in here so fast.”

45. “The bathtub must be a magical portal!”

46. “I’m gonna go nap.”

47. “Love at first sight probably exists, but we all pass so many people that who knows who it is.”

48. “When does Barbara Walters retire?”

49. “It’s nice that planets have moons.”


51. “I’m gonna go nap.”

52. “Everyone should compromise more.”

53. “I’m not here to make friends.”



56. “Whoever invented math must’ve been pretty bored.”

57. “Why?”

58. “The ‘unsubscribe’ button on the bottom of emails should be easier to find.”

59. “Good thing I never get tired of the same food every day.”

60. “I’m gonna go nap.”

61. “My butt is my best feature.”

62. “I wish the people in infomercials had more confidence in themselves.”

63. “Time to knock a bunch of things off some shelves. Ha, can’t believe I almost forgot to do that all the time today.”

64. “I think I heard rain.”

65. “I would probably cry over spilled milk.”

66. “When?”

67. “Does using antibacterial hand gels help or hurt in the long run?”

68. “How hard is it to get a meow-nuscript published?”


70. “I’m gonna go nap.”

71. “Pretty amazing how aliens totally exist but only in this one corner of the house.”

72. “Idle hands are the cat’s playthings. Don’t dangle them if you don’t want me to bite!”

73. “When was the last time I bought a CD?”

74. “Remember when Rachel got off the plane?!”

75. “I’m gonna go nap.”

76. “You should really take your trash out more.”

77. “Why did I come in here again?”

78. “I think I heard rain outside.”

79. “I love having fake dead animals strewn about my house for me to play with!”

80. “I wouldn’t say everybody loved Raymond.”

81. “How?”



84. “I heard the crinkling of plastic, AM I GETTING A TREAT IF NOT CAN I GET A TREAT NOW?”

85. “Weird how this TV box has so many friends just trapped in there for me to play with.”

86. “I’m gonna go nap.”

87. “Trash is the BEST toy.”

88. “Rain?”

89. “Getting litter all over the house is such a hard job, but I’m glad I’m here to do it!”

90. “I only keep my extra favorite things behind the couch. Would you mind getting them for me? Because my paws are super not long enough.”

91. “I should practice smizing more.”

92. “Professional sports ball players get paid way too much, but there’s no way I could do what they do. I couldn’t do what a teacher does, either though.”

93. “I’m gonna go nap.”


See the whole Buzzfeed article here.

 AAND… Here’s our cat loving some ham!


One last GIF….


Don’t get mad, bro. Last one, I promise…


Sigh. This is the last one.

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