Award Season Threads: 2013 People's Choice Edition

I love award season- and not for the “who get’s what accolade”… I love it for the FASHION!
 Better yet, critiquing the fashion! Sure it may be out of jealously because most women wish they had an excuse to play dress up with gorgeous designer dresses every day/week  like most of Hollywood and the music world gets to do, but either way, it’s still fun!

Last night were the People’s Choice Awards. Though the dress code usually isn’t as elegant and glamorous as the Oscars or even the Golden Globes, it still held some pretty knock-out looks.

My Favorite from the evening: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - People's Choice Award

Harry Styles EAT YOUR HEART OUT! Coming off of a break-up that I feel has been over publicized (they only dated two months! Come on!) she was rockin’ it!

I will say the deep V neckline was probably a bit too deep for my taste, but I bet if I was in her post-breakup state of emotions my fashion taste would probably be affected too. This is probably the most revealing dress that Taylor has worn… (at least that I can remember…)

But break up or no this dress fit her flawlessly! Still classy but just enough va-voom that says “I’m back on the market looking for my next album inspiration a new man to love!”




My Least Favorite: Katy Perry

Katy Perry - People's Choice Award Before I discuss this ugliness, I will give kudos to her for being covered and not choosing to wear candy. Thank you.

That being said WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? I’m pretty sure this fabric pattern came from Jo-Ann Fabrics circa 1992 when my mom was making dresses for my American Girl Dolls.

True the dress fit her nice and she did accessorize it well, I just can’t get over the ugly fabric. Sorry girl. Maybe next time you can do better…



So What did YOU think of last night’s dresses? Did you have favorites? I hope to have a fashion blog for most of the award shows this year, so stay tuned!

Up Next- the GOLDEN GLOBES!  (PS- I can’t tell you how flippin’ excited I am that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting this year! Wahoo!)

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey - Golden Globe Hosts

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