You too can save a life with used hotel bar soap…

Yes, we’ve all had those pondering questions run through our brain… Why is the sky blue? What is Victoria’s Secret? What came first the chicken or the egg?

Well this guy had one of those questions and turned it into a life saving company!



Meet Shawn Seipler. He was just your average tech company employee who traveled around a lot and stayed in hotels and used those lovely toiletries that the hotel provides. His question: “What happens to that used bar of soap after I leave?” At the time he asked the question it was just simply thrown away.

This answer obviously didn’t sit well with him, after research into rebatching soap and seeing a need in 3rd world countries for soap and proper hygene products, his company Clean the World was born. They collect used hotel soaps, melt them down, and make new soap to send to 3rd world countries to help battle cases of children dying from ailments like pneumonia and diarrhea that could’ve been prevented with proper hygiene.



How cool right?!? You can read more on his story HERE and how the company has expanded to those shampoo bottles too.

h/t Thrillist