Cats in Scarves….

Thank you to my friend Dustin for coming across this gem…

And once again….this is real.

Do you ever think….”Man, my cat could totally use a scarf I think…”

Yeah. Me either.

BUT- THIS person believes that cats need scarves.


This is Squirrel- the catscarf model and inspiration.

So she (I’m assuming a lady since there are very nice hands with slender fingers in the photos on her twitter feed) hand knits scarves for cats.

I first thought oh how funny and fun! I wonder if Ollie and Felix (my furry feline children) would ever wear one of these? How much are they?

She sells them on her website for $59-$99 a POP!!!

Sorry Felix and Oliver…no scarf from for you!



And they care so much…. 😛

what do YOU think about!?!

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