Conquer Spring Forward!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year…Daylight Saving Time! And the best part? We LOOSE an hour of sleep! (please read that last sentence with your sarcastic inner monologue voice…they still haven’t come up with that sarcastic font yet).

Fair warning- your social media will blow up with people expressing all their thoughts and feelings on the subject, but instead of joining in with the choir, why not CONQUER it with a vengeance!

First off- before you do anything….REMEMBER TO CHECK AND CHANGE THE BATTERIES IN YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS AND CO2 MONITORS! As the wife of a volunteer fireman I cannot express how important this is! DO IT PLEASE!

OK- now that’s out of the way…

WebMD has some great tips on how to make Daylight Saving Time manageable for your body.  Here are some of my favorites:

Gradually transition into the time change: So this may take more than the weekend to make work, but you could start tonight with the family and hopefully feel back to normal by Tuesday!

Give yourself a sleep break after the time change: I read this as TAKE A NAP! Done!

Exercise during the day: 30 minutes of moderate exercise will help make going to bed a little easier.

Eat lightly at night: Avoid spicy foods at dinner time for the next few days…unless indigestion is your favorite thing. (I doubt it though)

Relax Before Bed: Curl up with a book or take a warm bath- sounds like a good weekend evening to me!

Find more helpful tips on how to beat DST here…and lets be honest- these will work the other 364 days of the year too.



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