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phonesmannersA new etiquette survey reveals the top dos and don’ts of mobile phone use. The majority of people surveyed said they know someone who exhibits bad smartphone behaviors…and many are probably guilty of these transgressions themselves. So hold the phone and check your manners!


…Consider your ringtone and its volume.

…Have conversations about sensitive subjects in private.

…Be careful while walking and texting.

…Turn your phone off during funerals, weddings, movies etc.

…Mind your language when talking on the phone in public.

…Surrender your phone when you’re drunk to avoid embarrassment.


…Use your phone while on the toilet (almost half of people admit to doing this! Here’s a tip- the echo of the bathroom totally gives you away).

…Talk on the phone while making a transaction at a store, coffee shop, bank etc.

…Be overly distracted by your phone while you’re physically with another person.

…Let more than an hour go by before responding to a text.

…Break up with someone via text message (ouch).

…Overdo it with the abbreviations, like LOL.

…Use your phone while eating a meal with family or friends.

…Text or email in all caps.

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Brent Lee

QMIX Afternoon Guy, Brent Lee, grew up near Greensburg -- where he started working on the radio at age 14. Growing up as an only child may have been lonely at times, but it led him to be the creative, fun guy we all enjoy on the radio! Brent graduated from North Decatur High School and Ball State University. His first summer during college, Brent actually filled-in as the QMIX Afternoon Guy all summer, when there was a full-time opening on our staff. Little did he know he would return to that job many years later. Brent has worked in radio all over Indiana (and a bit in Illinois too), claiming to never have had a real job. And he’s has been back at QMIX since 2011. We hope he’ll be here for a long time to come! Some of Brent’s favorite things are IndyCar, movies and good food!

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