Dog Poop More Popular Than Congress

Public Policy Polling recently conducted a poll to see how the public opinion of congress was fairing in the wake of the shutdown. Some of the highlights…

Favorable Ratings: Congress vs …. (bolded shows things Congress is more popular than)

Congress (24% approval rating) vs long lines at the DMV (58%)
Congress (33%) vs IRS (42%)
Congress (31%) vs Hemorhoids (53%)
Congress (40%) vs dog poop (47%)
Congress (41%) vs toenail fungus (44%)
Congress (42%) vs cockroaches (44%)

Congress (58%) vs Charles Manson (18%)
Congress (37%) vs twerking (33%)
Congress (43%) vs zombies (37%)
Congress (46%) vs Miley Cyrus (31%)
Congress (42%) vs Honey Boo Boo (33)
Congress (40%) vs Lindsay Lohan (36%)

You can see full results of the poll here

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