Epic around the world cruise!

Yup- It’s true, I’ve never  been on a cruise before.  Not that they’ve never appealed to me, just never had the chance in my life to take one. But I think I found the one that appeals to me…so much so it’s added to the bucket list!

According to this article at countryliving.com, MSC Cruises is now offering an epic 119 day cruise around the world! 49 destinations, 32 countries! Departs from Genoa Italy, and sails west to start your around the world adventure.

The ship itself sounds fantastic too- I mean it would have to be for those days you are stuck in the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans…4 restaurants, 11 bars, full scale casino, dance club, 4D cinema, and a sweet spa!

courtesy of MSC Cruises

Now the fun part- cost? Starting at a meager $16,999. Yeah. Lets just say that bucket list item won’t be ticked until much later in life. A good excuse to bump up your 401k savings.

h/t: Thrillist