Feeling back to normal…

It’s been a great morning! Why? Because I brought in a mug of Chai Tea!

2013-09-18 10.34.58

This may seem trivial, but I haven’t been able to bring in one of these for a while, because I haven’t had a kitchen…or a dining room, or hallways… and not really a living room either due to the mess.

Yes- all signs point to new floors!

Back story: At the end of June while my husband Dan and I were in Mexico for a Mission Trip, the line to our water/ice dispenser in our fridge developed a pinhole leak, and flooded our kitchen. Luckily, my wonderful parents who were checking on our cats discovered this before it became too crazy and were able to clean up the mess and stop the leak until we came back.

2013-06-30 20.04.42

Then we came back, had it checked out, only to find that this leak was going on for a while and there was a lot more damage than we thought. Turns out we had to replace sub flooring along with our floors.

That was the beginning of July. It is now Mid September. So needless to say I am VERY excited to have a normal house again! And now it has GORGEOUS FLOORS!

So with this being our real first home improvement project, here is a list of all the things I learned these past couple months…

  1. Patience is a virtue. I’m pretty sure I had it, lost it, regained it, lost it again, and maybe I have it back? but I can’t remember where I put it. Oops. 
  2. These projects suck at least twice the amount of time, energy, sanity, patience and sometimes moolah than you expected. Just go ahead and plan for that.
  3. Another project will emerge from this, and it’s not always the one you expected. So just get the budget ready for that too.
  4. My family is amazing. My father is pretty handy when it comes to these kind of projects, and both my husband and father-in-law are handy and eager to learn, so it was pretty much the best team to have on hand instead of having to hire someone to do the labor.
  5. My family is amazing part 2– My Mom kept all of us fed during the installation process (which was a good 3 weeks) and my mother-in-law was a complete rock star in helping ask all the right questions at the Tile Shop when we were getting our kitchen floor (which was a quick decision b/c we thought that was going in after the hardwood, but ended up going in before- ack!)
  6. The Tile Shop– ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! If you are considering doing ANYTHING tile- GO THERE! They know there stuff, have an INCREDIBLE selection, super affordable (and have great sales!) and are just all around awesome. Yeah you have to drive to Greenwood, BUT IT’S SO WORTH IT!
  7. Riverside Carpet One- I will also sing their praises! We got our gorgeous hardwood from them, I couldn’t be happier with it! They had a beautiful selection (it was really hard to decide!) and also were very willing to work within our budget. Even when we thought we had seen everything they pulled out even more samples that were dead on to what we wanted.
  8. I love my furry children….but it’s a pain to have to sleep in the same room with them! You never realize how LOUD they are with eating, drinking and peeing. and they get into everything! so annoying.
    2013-09-07 14.41.15

    Felix and Oliver- Sleeping all day so they can annoy us all night…

  9. I need to stay away from Target. I stress shop, and I was stressed from living in chaos. You’re welcome Target.
  10. Starbucks is wonderful. I already knew this, but I became more dependent on it the past few weeks.
  11. IT’S ALL WORTH IT! Especially when your results look like this…and some cute cats in there too


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