First Day at Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping!

Yesterday it began….my 10 week challenge at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping!

Not going to lie- I was a bit nervous. Sure I’ve done workout classes before, but there is always that initial “this is something new” nervous feeling that everyone gets when stepping outside your comfort zone.

Thankfully last night was a strength training night. I have always gravitated to strength training workouts when I have a choice between strength and cardio, so it was a great night to ease into the routine.

The result? I am actually feeling great today! I had this fear that I wouldn’t be able to do anything the next day because I was too sore, but I’m actually doing well! The class focused on upper body strength training, and since this was the first strength training day for us “10 weekers,” we focused more on correct form than resistance. Don’t get me wrong, last night I was feeling the after workout shakiness and this morning I am slightly sore in places, but nothing that will inhibit me from going about my day. (I am writing this blog aren’t I? hehe)

As for my first impression of Farrell’s, they are fantastic. They are very encouraging through out and willing to help answer questions if you have any. I loved how during the class there were experienced members walking around and making sure your form is correct.

Which reminds me…. I should probably apologize to the 2nd and 3rd person who corrected my form during the tricep routines, if I seemed short I’m sorry. I hate tricep exercises, which is probably why I have no strength back there, and therefore could not fully extend. Hopefully by the end of these 10 weeks I will be able to fully extend. Until then…please be patient :).

All in all- a GREAT evening! Tonight might be a different story…first day of kickboxing…EEP! Wish me luck!

And remember if you are interested at all in Farrell’s, check out!

-Sara Beth

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