Foodies rejoice! It’s Baseball Season!

With March Madness behind us, it seems everyone in the Midwest has turned their focus to baseball season.

(Yes I know there are a few of us that care about the NHL and the Stanley Cup…myself included…but that’s for another time.)

And lets be honest…unless you are a die-hard baseball fan, the average person goes to a game mainly for the atmosphere, sunshine and people watching.

Now It seems that Major League baseball stadiums are finally catching on to this fact (finally) and are now appealing to foodies/people with extreme appetites and offering some unique creations. AND I AM ALL FOR THIS!

Here is what Thrillist found as the 10 craziest new Baseball stadium snacks, and below are some of my favorites. Plan your summer accordingly.

1.) City Field, New York Mets: Cookie DO

courtesy of

courtesy of

You can now enjoy the latest NYC delicacy while watching the patrons infront of you suffer through an awkward date the game. This bakery is known for NOT baking their creations and serving safe edible cookie dough as ice cream.  I would totally watch more baseball if cookie dough was served.

Check out their video HERE


2.) Marlins Park, Florida Marlins: The Taco Dog

courtesy of Levy's

courtesy of Levy’s

It’s the best of both worlds! A Nathan’s Hot dog with chili, topped with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, and sour cream.


3.) Rogers Centre, Toronto Blue Jays: Churro Dessert Poutine

courtesy of Aramark

Canada putting a sweet Mexican spin on a Canadian classic… trading fries in for churros and gravy for ice cream and caramel. It’s basically a churro sundae, but lets not ruin the fun for them.


4.) Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs: “Bao to the Pork” Sandwich

courtesy of Pork and Mindy's

courtesy of Pork and Mindy’s

Points on creativity in name, but it’s pretty much a pulled pork sandwich topped with pickled daikon, carrots, and jalapeno relish on a Bao bun, made famous by Chicago’s own Pork and Mindy’s. I’m sure those that frequent Wrigley Field regularly appreciate the change up, but I think I will stick to the classic Chicago dog. 🙂


5.) Chase Field, Arizona Diamondbacks: The Chicken Funnel Cake Sandwich

courtesy of the Arizona Diamondbacks

courtesy of the Arizona Diamondbacks

So if you think Chicken and waffles is a crazy combination, you may just want to stay away from this one. I on the other hand, would totally try this! And then have to run a half marathon to burn all of the calories that were just ingested. Deep fried chicken breast, topped with garlic black pepper cheddar, maple syrup, and strawberry jam, and if that isn’t enough for you, it’s sandwiched in a “funnel cake bun.”


6.)  Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox: Lobster Poutine

courtesy of Aramark

courtesy of Aramark

Boston is taking a cue from our northern neighbors and adding Poutine to their menu with a New England twist. Fries covered in cheese curds, lobster meat, lobster bisque and chives. Fenway frank or this? I’ll take both please.

You can check out more unique creations being offered at MLB parks here.

Play Ball! And eat FOOD!

h/t Thrillist

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