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  • Gunner on 2012-Aug-07 04:54:39 Gunner said

    My concern with Chrome and IE8 is that they're still both Beta's. It's eonguh fun trying to design new websites which will function and especially maintain their appearance in the released versions of IE and Firefox. Now we have Chrome to deal with also in Beta, and when all the user-designed plugins start showing up, it's going to complicate matters further.Once both are in full release and the market share starts to become apparent, I'll pay attention to the top two. It will be interesting to see who those turn out to be.And like someone else noted, I'm not real comfortable with Google's rising importance. I read an article a few weeks ago where someone had all his apps, blog, and mail on Google and one day they vanished. Google didn't even respond to him. Google is also too quick to release even Beta products without really vetting them. I just don't trust them and yes I use gmail and blogspot. For now.

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