GEE IT'S FUN: Gifs With Brittany

Sometimes as I sit trying to write a blog I just start cruising the interwebs for random things to see where it will take me. I realize that this can be quite dangerous, but what can I say? I like to live on the edge.

Today my rando browsing somehow led me to a page full of Full House gifs. In my world this is a WIN and it led to an idea! Welcome to the first installment of GEE IT’S FUN: Gifs with Brittany (thanks Tim Green for the title)

Our maiden voyage is a trip down memory lane with the Full House Gang. Don’t deny your excitement. Just give into it….

Danny Tanner, those eyebrows are nice but they can’t compete with…


Have you guys noticed that John Stamos hasn’t aged a bit? Such a beautiful man. Don’t agree? Well then…

Michelle Tanner Full House Gif

Oh yeah, and…

Seriously though…

This is the point in my GIF search where I found inappropriate material, and even though  I’d consider bleaching my brain to get rid of the images, just like Michelle with cookies I can’t forget about it…

So… Now I’m afraid to keep digging for Full House GIF gold so I’ll just leave you with this gem.

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Brittany Gray, better known these days as Link’s Mom, is really great at watching TV. She also enjoys buying more books than she will ever have time to read and more shoes than she will ever have occasion to wear. Her mornings are spent as the Host of the Q Wake-Up Crew and Operations Manager of QMIX 107.3. Her afternoons are spent puréeing baby food and washing cloth diapers. Who says we can’t have it all?

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