Get Moving in the Office!

Yup- Spring is here! That means warmer temps, sunny days and fewer layers of clothing to hide under! YAY!

Yeah I know, a lot of us dread that last part of the previous sentence, myself included. But yet the spring season always adds some extra motivation to get up and get moving!

Lately I’ve gotten back into going to the gym on a regular basis…and have been LOVING the spinning classes offered. I’ve also recently upgraded my Fitbit to not only track my steps but it also tracks my heart rate. It’s recently become one of my favorite stats to check after a workout. The little things right?

Anyways- all this to say that because of these recent changes I’ve been more motivated to move, and even more aware of how much I don’t move here at the station. It’s insane! I’m sure I’m not the first desk-job employee to realize this, and won’t be the last either.

I know not every company in Columbus uses pedometers to help encourage movement and give discounts on health insurance, but it’s still an important to keep moving no matter what your job is. I found an article with a few great tips on how to get moving in the office, but still keep your boss happy with your productivity. Here are how I/we have included a few here at the station.

  1. Taking the stairs: If your office is only one level, then this is a little tricky. The station is 2 stories thankfully, and when nature calls it’s a great excuse to use the stairs and the upstairs Ladies room to answer that call. 🙂
  2. Squats on the phone: While I’ve haven’t done squats on the phone, I have tried voicing weather forecasts while doing a squat and hold. It’s definitely a lot easier when the forecast is simple and just sunny instead of calling for all the storms. 😉
  3. Organize an office fitness team: There have been several great programs that we have either individually been a part of or have worked together as an office. In fact, Heathly Communities is about to launch a Wellness Challenge for the month of April that we are very excited about here at QMIX. Make sure you check out the details here.

Here’s to getting our MOVE on in 2017!

celebratory lunges

So…what is your favorite way to stay moving at the office?

-Sara Beth