Hate Turns to Love





Honey Maid recently debuted it’s new campaign about being wholesome and appealing to all families – including an interracial couple, a single dad and a family with two fathers.



They received a lot of hate mail. The anti-gay group One Million Moms said that Honey Maid and its parent company, Nabisco, “should be ashamed of themselves” for their “attempt to normalize sin.” Conservative talk show host Janet Mefferd slammed Honey Maid for joining what she called “the constant onslaught from the Gay Propaganda Machine.” And conservative, anti-LGBT social media users heaped abuse on the company on Facebook and Twitter.


But instead of simply ignoring the haters, as most companies do, Honey Maid confronts them head-on in a new ad released today. The spot forcefully defends the company’s decision to include and affirm the wholesomeness of LGBT families and beautifully turns the bigots’ messages of hate into an expression of love.




Here’s the original ad:





Thank you, Honey Maid, for standing up against bullies.



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