How did we live without Pinterest?

Oh Pinterest… how did we live without you?

Most everyone knows by now about the phenomenon that is Pinterest, and how it has awakened the DIYer, Crafter, Chef, Interior Designer, Fashionista, World Traveler, and artist in all of us, just with a simple click and label!

Anyways, Pinterest came in most handy for me this weekend when I was craving cookie dough. Before Pinterest, I would have either made a batch of cookies only to eat half of the dough, or more likely made the Toll House recipe substituting raw eggs with milk (lets be honest, we’ve all done this at one point in life.)

However, since I’m trying to be slightly conscious of what I am eating these days, I took a moment to check out Pinterest, because I recalled all those fun pins promoting HEALTHY COOKIE DOUGH! (yeah ok….no) After a few minutes exploring, I came across this “Greek Yogurt Cookie Dough Recipe.”

Yeah I didn’t believe it either, but I thought, what the hey, let’s experiment! And if it failed, I was going to re-pin it on the “Pinterest, You’re Drunk” Board.

And guess what? It was pretty good AND It CURBED the craving! WAHOO!

OK, so nothing beats the real deal cookie dough. But I still love this… and here’s why:

  • I didn’t have the “I just ate a whole bowl of raw cookie dough and gained 10lbs” shame after eating.
  • It’s RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE. A bowl and 2 spoons got dirty in the process. no need to breakout the food processor for this one!
  • All the ingredients are SIMPLE and you probably already have in your pantry/fridge. Some others called for tofu, chickpeas, coconut oil…yeah that wasn’t in my pantry. Good for you if that is in yours! You are probably a lot skinnier than I am.
  • it made just enough. I wasn’t back in the kitchen 2 hours later looking for another snack.
So here is my successful recipe. Here is the original blog it came from. I used Oikos Low-Fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt (the John Stamos free kind) and probably added a few more chocolate chips than 1tbsp…I’m sorry! I’m a girl… 🙂

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