I love Kickball!

So I have to take a moment and brag on myself, because last night I had a moment of athletic awesomeness…playing Kickball! And for those that know me well know that my athletic awesome moments are very few and far between! (See my previous post about running).

First off, I gotta give a BIG shout out to Columbus Parks and Rec for offering such a huge variety of activities that the community can be a part of…including Kickball. Our community is so lucky to have all these fantastic opportunities to have fun, meet new people, and try something new! If you haven’t yet, check out their website or flip through the Fun Guide and sign up for something awesome. You won’t be disappointed!

OK- back to Kickball. Last night was one of our most exciting games of the season! The score was close the whole game, and we edged out a win 17-16! Wahoo! My team rocks by the way…I started playing with them last spring and I was SUPER nervous about letting them down, but they are so encouraging and way more athletic than I so I don’t feel like I am weighing them down :). So yeah- GO TEAM ADVERTISE!

Last year’s team picture…note to self…need a new team pic!

My big accomplishment last night? Not only did I get a run (keep in mind my only goal every game is to make it to 1st base, and that is sometimes rare), but I play catcher and I was a part of a huge play and caught the ball at home stopping the other team from scoring another run! (excuse the lack of sportsball terminology)

Yes, to most that are able bodied this is no big deal, but most of the time I’m just praying that I can catch the ball. So needless to say I was on cloud 9 after that moment and didn’t really care if we won or lost the game because in my head I WAS A CHAMPION!!

But we did win, and it made the victory ice cream afterwards even sweeter. 🙂

PS- so sad tomorrow is the finale!

So that was my amazing Tuesday night. I doubt that I will have another night like that for the rest of my kickball career…but who knows? It could happen!

If you want an amazing Kickball story like mine, remember the FUN Guide and check out sign-ups for the fall season.

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