If one thing could make today easier

I can still remember the events of that day. I don’t think anyone could really forget where they were on that seemingly beautiful, cool September day. I remember it because I shared the moments with a very good friend.


It was ISTEP time in Indiana and I was a junior in high school. Having passed the test already, I was able to have a study hall situation, so I was allowed to be in the agriculture department working on FFA things. I was there with the chapter President, and we were working on something. That part I cannot remember. The thing about the ag room at Crothersville High School before the remodel, one had to go outside to get into the ag room.

We were working on that forgotten project, and about 9-ish am the maintenance guy came in and said, “I am locking you in.”

I thought okay…. “Why?” I said.

“Turn on the tv,” he said.

At that moment, my eyes met the horror of the events in NYC that day. The first tower had been struck by terrorists. I was there to watch the second plane hit, the aftermath, the collapse of the towers, the scared feeling and not knowing what to think. It was completely surreal. Still to this day, I try to grasp the situation.

Every year on this day, that former FFA President and I text each other to just say hi and to check in with them. No matter what was going on in our own lives, we had that moment together that will stick with us. This year I didn’t have to text that person.

I am fortunate enough to get to work with that friend every day. Brittany and I will always share 9/11. Not because of the horrors of that day… but because that day brought us closer together as life-long friends. It’s just another memory of how much her friendship means to me.


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