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Last October, I made a weekend trip to New York City to visit it for the second time in my life. On my agenda was a stay at the Hilton Times Square, sight seeing, the smashing musical, “Wicked,” and a trip to the 9/11 Memorial.

I thought I would share some of the pictures with you.

I made my way from Times Square down to lower Manhattan. I thought if these New Yorkers can walk it, so can I. It was almost 4 miles. But, I am glad that I did! I met a street fair on my journey that lasted for about 5 or 6 blocks. And while walking I came across this fire house –

IMG_20121020_115718This Engine 24, Ladder 5 Company. Firemen were inside, doing their normal firefighter stuff. An older man in front of me walked inside. I witnessed this man shake a firefighter’s hand and simply say, “Thank You.” On the inside wall, there was a mural of the men this house lost on 9/11. There were six in total. Each man’s picture was featured and their names.

Making my way down to lower Manhattan and 9/11 Memorial there were sights and sounds of NYC that made me think if it’s like this today, with sirens and people and everything else, what was it like on that day? Sheer utter chaos is the only thing I can muster.

IMG_20121020_123808When I finally made it to the memorial site, I was waiting in line with hundreds of people. The thing I noticed was the amount of diversity in line. Different faces, different tongues, different cultures. All were there to pay their respects and learn more about that day.

IMG_20121020_130656The two reflecting pools are where the towers stood. It’s hard to believe how massive these things are. Simply incredible. Names of victims are carved on the sides.

IMG_20121020_130548As I was tweeting my experience, one of my friends asked me to find her uncle and cousin. These two men, father and son, were first responding firefighters who lost their lives that day. At that moment, the events, the day, the whole thing came into perspective; a little more personal. I had something to look for. I looked for about 35 minutes and I finally found them.

IMG_20121020_132238There next to each other, Joseph Angelini, Sr. and Joseph John Angelini, Jr. are immortalized as HEROES forever. If these two names meant something to someone, how many other countless lives were touched by the names carved in stone….?

IMG_20121020_130717 IMG_20121020_130901 IMG_20121020_131030But we’re rebuilding. Never forgetting. Always in our hearts. Whether you’re a Hoosier, a New Yorker, gay, straight, Christian, atheist, black, or white. Above all we share that we’re Americans. Here to be at this time spreading love, equality, and respect.








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