Like… seriously. I’ve got this feeling of panic that I can’t get rid of. The fall TV season is here and I haven’t seen an issue of the Fall TV Preview of Entertainment Weekly? I rely on this issue every year to help me decide my DVR schedule for the year. What am I gonna do without it?

Ok, perhaps I’m being a little over dramatic. It is just TV, after all, but I can’t help it. What if I miss something fantastic, because I never saw a preview for it and didn’t know I needed to be recording it?

Maybe the better question is, in this day of Hulu, Netflix, and online streaming why am I do freaked out about missing a show? I rarely watch them live anyway. All I know is since I realized the date this morning and that I don’t have my fall TV schedule set I can’t stop biting my nails and spazzing out just a little.

Send help.

stressed cat

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Brittany Gray, better known these days as Link’s Mom, is really great at watching TV. She also enjoys buying more books than she will ever have time to read and more shoes than she will ever have occasion to wear. Her mornings are spent as the Host of the Q Wake-Up Crew and Operations Manager of QMIX 107.3. Her afternoons are spent puréeing baby food and washing cloth diapers. Who says we can’t have it all?

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