Indy has Catacombs?!?!

Why hasn’t anyone told me about these? SHAME ON YOU!

Just kidding…still love you.

Now for the record: I HATE haunted houses, trails, rides, fill in the blank here. You won’t ever find me inside a haunted house. I will gladly wait for friends outside and sip on hot chocolate and listen to all the crazy after stories.

However…underground passages? SIGN ME UP! The fascination started with the Catacombs in Rome, and then rediscovered a couple years ago and when traveling in Seattle my husband and I went on Bill Spidel’s World Famous Underground Tour…I HIGHLY recommend this if you are ever in the area!

indy catacombs


But let’s get back on topic…Indianapolis has Catacombs! They are below the City Market and expand about 20,000 square feet.

indy catacombs 2


A super short quick history lesson (more can be found here at Thrillist) Originally built as a foundation for the Tomlinson Hall in 1886. The hall was essentially Indy’s first convention center, which succumbed to a fire in 1958. The catacombs served as a homeless shelter in 1912/1913 (there were apparently some brutal winter storms those years), and then sat empty for a while. Then IPD used the space as a shooting range for a hot minute, they sat empty again, and then it wasn’t until that one big football game Indy hosted in 2012 that they were re-opened for historic and ghost tours!

Want to go on a tour? You can go ahead and reserve tickets for the summer/fall HERE. I’m sure they go quickly, and I’m sure your summer schedule is starting to fill up, so might as well go ahead and get that on the calendar.