Joanna's Top 3: Cat Lady Edition

Tonight’s Top 3 was inspired by first hand experience. I think that’s all the explanation that’s needed.


Here are the Top 3 for sure signs that you are becoming a Cat Lady:


#3 Do you chat with your cats?



#2 Have you taken the time to teach them tricks?



#1 What is the ratio of cat pictures to non-cat pictures on your phone?



Not that there is anything wrong with being a Cat Lady and loving your cats. Just a few things to reflect on…

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Joanna Ryan

A majority of my growing up years were spent in Wanamaker, a small town just barely inside Franklin Township. Two of my neighbors were corn fields so my two sisters, younger brother, and I got into lots of trouble. I'm a proud Greyhound and graduate from the University of Indianapolis. I've worked for a few other stations throughout Indianapolis, collected a few awards along the way, and here I am! When I'm not at work, you can assume I'm with my family, reading a comic book, consuming too much TV and movies for one single person, trying to find time to volunteer, or snuggling one of my five pets (3 cats, 2 dogs. Pictures available upon request.).

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