Just Why?

Ran across one of those links to awkward and sometimes gag-inducing photos today. A lot of them were the usual pictures that make the rounds, but some that were new to me. As Tim and I scrolled through the same question kept popping up. WHY? Just why?

Here are a few that drew a reaction from us. WARNING: Some things cannot be unseen.(also, there is some skin in these pictures, though all the actual personal R-Rated bits are covered)

mime4 mime11 mime12 mime17 mime20 mime26


And finally… the crème de la crèmemime1

I’m sorry.


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Hi everyone! I'm Brittany Gray and I'm the Operations Manager for QMIX and co-host The Q-Wake Up Crew morning show with Tim Green. Although you haven't heard my voice recently because I am on maternity leave taking care of my new bundle of joy, Link! I will be back don't you worry.

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