The most-used medium by millennials? Radio

millennialsA new report from Nielsen finds radio has a wider reach each week among adults 18-34 than any other medium. The data comes from the measurement company’s first-ever Comparable Metrics Report, which aims to make apples-to-apples comparisons between different media for a better picture of what people are consuming. It finds that, among 18-34s, 91 percent use terrestrial radio each week. That’s more even than smartphones, at 82 percent, TV connected devices, at 49 percent, and tablets, at 33 percent. It’s also well ahead of TV, at 76 percent. READ MORE

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Keith Reising

Keith Reising is the President and founder of Reising Radiio Partners Inc. Over the past 30 years Keith has acquired -3- FM stations and branded the familiar names QMIX, KORN, and MOJO. Keith has created the premiere radio station brands in Columbus as well as the event "QMIX Musical Fireworks" and a popular push out email subscription news product "Local News digital".

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