Music Spotlight: The Format before FUN.

Hey all! Happy Thursday!

One of the best parts of my job is adding new music to QMIX, and that excitement is tripled when it’s one of my favorite artists. This week I added FUN.’s “Carry On” along with new Bon Jovi (“Because We Can”) and new artist Vicci Martinez with CeeLo Green (“Come Along”).

While all those songs and artists are fantastic, FUN just holds a special place in my heart, mainly because I was a fan of Nate Ruess’s former band “The Format” way before he ever dreamed of FUN. The Format during their time only garnered the attention of alternative music lovers unfortunately, but when listening to The Format you can hear the insane creativity that was just waiting to be developed into what is now FUN.

So- lesson to be learned? Support those artists that aren’t on the top charts yet, because they may be there someday and you always feel a sense of pride that you listened to an artist before they became big.

Also- If you have already worn out your “Some Nights” Album and looking for more FUN (haha!), Check out The Format- my favorites? “The Compromise” and “Dog Problems”

“The Compromise” The Format

“Dog Problems” The Format

Disclaimer about “Dog Problems”- It sounds circus-y (is that a word?) at first, and it may scare you, but I’m telling ya it will grow on you! Plus I LOVE the video….love love LOVE it! Also, I’m rating it PG-13 for language (one word) and slight content, so if you hit play at work be aware of your surroundings! headphones are always safe! I would hate for you to get in  trouble on account of this song. 🙂

Happy Listening!

Sara Beth 🙂

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