My 2014 Goal…at least one of them…

2013 was a great year for me…sure it had it’s ups and downs, but what year doesn’t?

But I can honestly say that I am one of the 8% of people that achieved his/her New Year’s Resolution for 2013…and that was to finish the Half Marathon at the Mill Race Marathon. 

My Husband and I finishing the Mill Race Half Marathon!

So…what’s a girl to do in 2014 after accomplishing such a great goal in 2013?

Do it again….and again….

YUP! I have devoted 2014 to running and making it a habit I don’t want to quit. So I am planning on running at least 2 half marathons this year (the second being MRM again), and I’m already signed up and ready for the first….

Mini Logo Choice

I am SUPER EXCITED for the opportunity to run the Indy Mini Marathon! I’ve heard so many great things about the atmosphere of this race…I can’t wait! Well I can wait because I still need to train, but you know what I mean… 🙂


Now one would think that since I already have a half Marathon under my belt that a second one would be easier right? Yeah that is wrong thinking. Sure there is a bit more confidence that I can finish it, but there is a whole new round of nerves that I will be dealing with going into this training…

First- It’s the Indy Mini- Nothing Mini about it: The nations LARGEST Mini Marathon! 35,000 run/walk this! The great thing about the Mill Race Marathon was that even though it was a spectacular and fairly large event for Columbus, it still had a “small” vibe to it. The crowd size scares me quite a bit.

Second- runner’s knee: I went into training for the MRM with a clean bill of health. I never had problems with joints or anything of the sort before. Now…it’s something that concerns me. Thanks to Farrell’s and it’s awesome strength training program I do feel better about starting out, but it’s something that will always be on my mind. 

Third- Training in the Cold: Yes, I dreamed of cooler temperatures when training for the MRM in the ridiculous heat. But I’m pretty sure Danny Fisher still remembers me whining in February when I took his Road Warriors class. (I HIGHLY recommend this class and I may take it again, Danny is a rockstar! But I was a naive young runner who didn’t understand running.)

I’m sure there is more that I can stress over, but I think those are my 3 biggest hurdles to get over for the Indy Mini. But as I learned last year, there will always be something in the way, but I have to push through it, and there is something amazing about the weight of that finisher medal around your neck :). 

Don Lovins (Our Business Manager/Accountant/Funny Guy) and I with our Finishing Medals from the MRM- Don completed the Full- he’s crazier than I am!

SO- are you interested in participating in the Indy Mini? If your answer is DEFINITELY YES! Then sign up RIGHT NOW at

OR…if you can wear your patience panties just a little longer…there may be an opportunity for you to run it FOR FREE…. Stay tuned!

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I spent the first 10 years of my life in Jamestown, New York, and then my family moved to Columbus and we've been here ever since. (10 points to you if you can guess what brought us here!) I'm a proud East grad- Go Olympians! And studied Communications/PR & Advertising at Milligan College in Johnson City, Tennessee. When I'm not playing around with QMIX music and Graphic Design, I'm hanging out with my awesome husband Dan and our two furry kitty children.

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