My Reality vs. Farrell's Reality

So I am really enjoying Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping fitness classes.


Even the kickboxing class is growing on me, and that was the class I was dreading the most going into this.

The class is especially great when you have a not so great day at work, or if life outside of work is stressing you out…it’s a little easier to work at level 10 Intensity when you have frustrations you want to get out. 🙂

I do have a problem though- I think I’m developing a false sense of reality. At least for now, because I’m sure this will be more a reality by the end of 10 weeks…but not halfway through week 2.

But here’s my false reality- that I look/feel like this in class….( I pretend I have those abs too! haha!)

When really I’m kicking and punching the bag probably as hard as these two below…and they could probably still kick my booty….

PS- isn’t this video the cutest?

Oh well. I’m still having a great time! Can’t wait for upper body strength training tonight!

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