Need some heat?

So this is a pretty sweet way to heat your space on the cheap! And seriously, you probably have most of these items around the house.

If not, your neighbors might. Note that I am not suggesting to run out to Lowe’s because that requires you getting in your car and driving somewhere today. As cool as this project is, it is not worth going out and risking a slide-off or whatnot. When things clear up I give you permission to make this happen. 

OK- back to this cool heater…it’s pretty much 4 tea lights, a metal loaf pan, two flower pots that fit inside each other, and something to cover the hole of the first flower pot (hard to make out what it is exactly in the video, but I’m sure something that won’t burst into flames will work.)

Here is the video of the guy putting this together:

And here’s the original article I found (I love my friends on Facebook). I’ll let you read that and explain the science behind it because when it comes to me explaining science-y things I confuse myself and turn into Penny from The Big Bang Theory

Probably depending on the size of space you are trying to heat you would need a few here and there for larger spaces.

And since my husband is a volunteer fireman I am required by law (not really, just highly encouraged) to remind you that this IS an open flame so make sure you don’t leave it unattended. 

I can’t wait to try this! Would you give this heater a shot?

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