People's Choice Awards 2014 Fashion

So the People’s Choice Awards were on last night…and I did not watch them at all. 



BUT that’s ok! Because the main reason I love award shows is the fashion and everyone usually posts photos of it the next day anyway, so we are good to go! 


So- based solely on the pictures floating around the web (and mainly this buzzfeed article) I would like to give out some awards of my own! 


Lets start with the easy ones- SB’s favorite dress award goes to…

peoples choice favs

I can never pick just one. I think these ladies got it. People’s Choice Awards aren’t the Oscars, but it’s one of the few award shows we get to choose. So thanks for being tasteful, fun, and honoring of what our opinion means to you ladies! Plus you have to give mad props to Britney for looking so great. 


The next Award is for the actress who in trying to update her look ended up copying another famous person’s look. This award goes to….Naya Rivera looking like Jennifer Lopez!

Naya and J lo

Not that this is a bad thing at all, I just couldn’t believe how much they looked alike after a hair color change!


Our next award is for the ladies who forgot where they were going or had assistants who told them they were going to a garden party, church, high tea, or just accidentally pulled something from the Mother of the Bride section (Anna Farris)


Really? You are wearing that? I love you ladies, but come on!


This award is my favorite, because it happens every awards show…I’ll call it the “Project Runway” award…in that these dresses look like they came from that designer that was working til the last second finishing the dress and ended up sewing them in the dress…


Between the extra fabric, weird folds, and a horrible fit, these ladies have done a lot better. 


Now on to the “Janet Jackson Award”…another favorite amongst award shows, well at least for the men that are forced to watch the shows with their significant other. This category contains ladies who daringly choose THAT dress that always bears a little too much and is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. 

peoples choice fall out

How can these ladies focus? I would be praying the whole time that my hollywood chest tape would never lose it’s stickiness throughout the evening. 


And finally- the “NOPE- go home and change” Award. Pretty self explanatory. 

people choice nope


Now I will say these comments in no way reflect on my feelings for each of these actresses/artists. I love a lot of these ladies and all their works. I just think they may need to rethink a few of their stylist’s ideas

Plus, there is plenty of awards season left…so lets hope they make better choices as the season goes on.


Next up… GOLDEN GLOBES! With my two favorite ladies!!!

I WILL be watching this award show :).


What did you think of the fashion from last night?

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