Remember Christmas in the 90s?

To be honest, I barely remember the 90s. I grew up in the 90s, but there are some things that I don’t remember. Until this. I remember some of this. How many of us were offenders?



Some awesome things from this JC Penny Christmas Catalog. 

JC Penny



Not only do we miss the age of the Walk-man, but cinched sweatshirts with fun patterns? Yes, please! Who can forget those socks?



I almost didn’t catch that totally rad fanny pack.




Tiny toons. Tweety. Bart Simpson was cool for all genders! Why has the printed sweatshirt gone by the wayside?




Look at the frickin’ sweet denim that man has on. Wait, are those “mom jeans?”



Apparently Blanche Devereaux’s bedding set was a hot commodity. 




This. All This. Models were more “real” in the 90s. 







Black panty hose. Shoulder pads. Silver and gold trash bags. Ok 90s ladies. You can rock those. LOOK AT THE PUMPS!



Oh yes. A stirrup panted leotard with a nice printed mock turtleneck. Class. 




What are they hiding under there?



I am pretty sure everyone knows someone that could totally rock this look today. And those people should have clothing interventions. 




I LOVE that everything about this is still relevant! Beetlejuice pj’s? YES, PLEASE!





Dick Tracy Equipment? Sign Me Up! Actually, the 6 year old in me really wants all this stuff!




Either these two teen guys are laughing about the top grossing movie of 1990, “Home Alone,” or the ridiculousness of their outfits.  




Acid Wash Jean Overalls. This man wins 1990s Fashion!

enhanced-buzz-28840-1387389337-28Oh, classic time machines are fun. Here’s hoping that the clothes you receive for Christmas this year are a bit more this season. 


 Check out the original post from BuzzFeed here. 

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