SBCM's Bracketology 101 Review

Below is a blog I wrote a couple years ago around this time of year…March Madness Season. Though years have past, last names have changed, my feelings and theories still ring true. So if you are new to the world of March Madness, welcome, and enjoy the advice below! 

I love March Madness! I do love college basketball. It’s a passion that started when I became a cheerleader at good Ol’ Milligan College and I fell in love with the excitement and thrill that comes with watching basketball.


Sure we never made it to the Big Dance, but it was enough to get me hooked onto March Madness.

And I will also admit- I am a horrible college basketball fan throughout the season because there always seems to be something else more important, so I usually end up making up for lost time and become a psycho-super fan for the next couple weeks. (and most of the time there’s nothing else on, so unless you have a bunch of stuff on your DVR, enjoy it!)

ANYWAYS- I’m sure there’s plenty of buzz going around the water coolers about office pools and bracketology…who’s the Cinderella story and who’s the dark horse….who’s your elite 8 and your upsets? I’m always amazed at the scrutiny and analyzing that goes on during this time! However- you shouldn’t let the over-analytic thinking get you down and discourage you from entering a bracket into the office pool! They are so much fun! And the best thing about it is everyone has an equal chance once the games start….and usually the guy that was bragging about his stellar picks ends up with the bleeding bracket. If anything- that is worth entering the pool!

So over the years I have come up with my own way of making my bracket picks…and fair warning…my methods have NOTHING to do with stats! So if you are serious fan, go away. You will just be frustrated.


go with your gut- write your choices in PEN! I know! I’m going against every grade school teacher’s philosophy that I had when I say that, but it’s true. Overthinking causes doubt and leads to those “ARGH! why didn’t I go with my gut?” moments that we all hate. AND it also saves you from those cheaters who write their choices softly and half erase them and try to say “oh well I had that down!” You can also go with a pool online and fill out your bracket electronically. Computers don’t lie for you. 

it is OK to fill out many brackets! – when Syracuse is in the Dance, I fill out two- one as my dream bracket- with one of those said teams going all the way to win. The second one being more realistic and thoughtful with my choices.

-be sure to allow some upsets– I know I said earlier I don’t go by stats- but the little tiny numbers are sometimes smart to go by in the first couple rounds. Your 8&9, 5&12, 7&10 and 6&11 games are going to be where most of the upsets happen….so be sure you allow a couple of those….1 for each region maybe? and the best way to choose these is to base your decision on:

  • school location – would you rather vacay in Cali or Maryland? or did you have a bad experience with some cheese in Wisconsin?
  • school mascot – if those two mascots were in a fight for realsies…who would win?
  • school popularity – have you even heard of said school? If not, go with Hollywood references- Ole Miss if you’re a fan of Sandra Bullock’s performance in The Blind Side, and Marquette if you’re a fan of Tommy Boy (Tommy Boy’s Alma Matter).

because really…..they’re gonna be some upsets…so you may as well base your decision on silly reasons.


– the coolest names are always the safest bets!- Who can’t love a school called GONZAGA!! Seriously- part of me wants to go get a second degree from there and become important enough to change their mascot to GONZO! Creighton and Bucknell are always fun names too…

family/friends personalize your bracket – have family that went to Michigan or Butler? you best be putting them down to make it to the second round! Family that lives in Cincy? Go for it! Is your ex’s alma mater in the tourney? Make sure his/her school gets beat in the first round. 🙂

when in doubt- its all in the team colors. I personally can’t stand UT’s shade of orange. It makes me sick. Also make note of team jersey styles. Sorry IU fans, but I want to slap the person who thought it was ok to give IU clown warm-up pants. And even though I was only in 6th grade at the time….it still makes me mad….UK should have been disqualified for showing up to the tournament with denim jerseys! yuck!


So there ya have it! SBC(M)’s Bracketology 101! Hope this guide will help you in your bracket choices….and if it doesn’t, at least you had fun filling it out!

Sara Beth 🙂

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