Second Day at Farrell's….

Second evening working out at Farrell’s yesterday….

More importantly…MY first day at kickboxing! and it’s legit too- I have boxing gloves and everything!

So me and kickboxing never really got along in the past…I would either get really confused with all the complicated steps, or I was worked so hard that I would come close to passing out half way through the class. So needless to say, the nerves were up when I walked into class yesterday.

THANKFULLY my bestie Amy is a Fit Member and was my partner at the 5:30 class, so she helped make sure I knew what I was doing.

amy and sb at girly golf

Amy and I at Girly Golf…just two wild and crazy gals!

Amy has been a Fit member for at least a year or two now, and she is the perfect story for those that maybe don’t have extra weight to lose, but want to be in shape. There were a couple summers during our college years and after graduation where we would take some workout classes here and there, but I remember her saying she wasn’t ever satisfied with those. Then she started Farrell’s and she loved it! And rocked it too…this girl is TONED!

photo 2

This is one of many examples of how toned this girl is!


And she was rockin’ the class last night. As her partner I felt like a superhero’s super inferior side kick…she’d throw 3 rockin’ roundhouse kicks to the bag, and I would throw my one wimpy kick in a “Yeah! And stay down punk!” kind of way.

I still had a great time though! I learned that I’m very uncoordinated with figuring out the whole jab/cross/hook pattern (I forget which is my left and which is my right…) but I’m sure that will come in time.

Tonight’s session: back to strength training…and its the lower body….Sean “The Madman who is also a 10 weeker warned me this morning that it is rough! I can’t wait!

Bring on the Soreness! and I’m sure it will hit me like roofies hit Tracy Jordan…

have a great day! and remember- more details at!

– Sara Beth 🙂

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