I started Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping

Welp, my fall/autumn season just got a little bit busier, but for the better.


I joined Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping! Farrell’s is gym that’s like any other. You do a 10 Week Challenge of kick-boxing style aerobics and strength training. All in groups with coaches.

Saturday was orientation and, although I knew I was in for a wakeup call, I didn’t realize how big of one. We started off with getting our basic measurements to we have something to compare two at the end of the 10 Week Challenge. I took my weight, body fat percentage, did a sit and reach to measure flexibility, and counted sit-ups and push-ups in a minute time frame. THEN, I ran a mile. A MILE! ONE MI-LE. 





Well, that was fun. My mile time was 12:44. To be honest I don’t think I have had to “run” a specific distance since I was in high school. And I’ll be 32 in November. That’s a long time! I really thought I wouldn’t be faster than 15:00 minutes. But I did. And I’m excited to see what I can do at the end of the ten weeks. (We’ll do a 5 week assessment and a 10 week final.) The theory is you’ll get better with those things as you continue the program at Farrell’s. (EDIT: I CAN ALREADY FEEL MYSELF GETTING STRONGER)


I use the term fun in jest and in sarcasm. Because it’s hard work and when you’re in the moment it’s not THAT fun. HOWEVER. What makes the atmosphere at Farrell’s electric are the FIT members (folks who have completed the 10 Week Challenge and stayed on with the Farrell’s program). I would learn how important they are the very first class.




I have weird hours. You know this. I work 5 am to 1:30/2:00 pm every weekday. So I chose the 4:30 class to get my program going. SHOUT OUT TO 4:30! My first class was last night. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, we do kickboxing. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, we do strength training. So my first Monday was a full blown workout.


Punches. Jabs. Kicks. Planks. Sit-ups. Push-ups. Toe-touches. O. M. G. By the end of this 45 minute non stop routine, I had to FORCE myself to not throw up. It took everything I had. To be honest, I turned to Lindsay, one of the owners, and asked, “Are you sadists?” How could anyone enjoy this? I was dripping sweat and on the verge of just dropping down and giving up.


BUT. FIT MEMBERS. These folks came to our class and helped us with form, stances, and encouragement. I was given tips, tricks and high fives and fist bumps. If you have ever been to a gym by yourself, you know how difficult it is to continue when you get discouraged. THESE PEOPLE ENCOURAGE. The spirit of community and the spirit of teamwork is infectious. And now I’m getting read to head into my second class, a little less terrified that I had been the first day.


And another thing. There were people my age. Older, too. Younger. Fitter. Not as fit as me. This program speaks to EVERYONE no matter their age or fitness level.


MY POINT – DON’T BE SCARED! On the wall of Farrell’s is the quote: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” THIS. IS. SO. TRUE. And I learned that first hand last night. 


You should definitely give Farrell’s a try. They’re actually still accepting enrollment for the fall session. You can even sign up for the time slot I am taking (4:30 pm). Take this journey with me! I’ll be adding my progress and thoughts periodically, so be sure to check back.





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