The Best Halloween Movies of All Time

This Friday kicks off The 13 days of Halloween. I pretty much try to consume every scary/horror/thriller/suspense movie in the month of October. Even in the days of Redbox, Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, DVR, and On-Demand, it’s kind of hard to do.

So here is a list from, claiming the most popular Halloween movies are these:

Best Classic Horror Film:

Or Tim’s Choice:

Best Alien Movie:

Or Tim’s Choice:

Best Vampire Movie:

Or Tim’s Choice: No other choice. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Best Werewolf Movie:

Or Tim’s Choice:

Best Zombie Movie:

Or Tim’s Choice:

There is no Best Witch Movie, so I am adding THIS:

Best Suspense Movie:

Or Tim’s Choice: There’s no other choice.

Best Haunted House Movie:

Or Tim’s Choice:

Best Animal Horror Movie:

Or Tim’s Choice:

Best Marketed Horror Movie:

Or Tim’s Choice: This is probably a good choice. I need to see it again. Oh, wait. You CANNOT find it anywhere. #irony

Best Slasher Movie:

Or Tim’s Choice: The original “Halloween” is unbeatable. However, Rob Zombie did a good job attempting it with this – 

Best Psychological Thriller:

Or Tim’s Choice: Nope. None. This is the best. 

Best Horror/Comedy:

Or Tim’s Choice: Sorry. I have to go with this one!

Best Ghost Movie:

Or Tim’s Choice of Best GhostFACE Movie: 

Best Disturbing Horror Movie:

Or Tim’s Choice: It’s hard to compete with that movie. Terrified me for weeks when I saw it in the 6th grade.

Best Demonic Movie:

Or Tim’s Choice: Two words – PEA. SOUP.

Best Horror Movie Character:


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