The Value of Targeting

Online customers are the same as offline customers yet some clients seem to think they are a different species.  For the same amount of money it costs to reach five tightly targeted customers online, you can reach five customers who have the precise same profile PLUS 127 OF THEIR FRIENDS –  BY USING BROADCAST.  Do you want your brand to be the one they think of immediately when they need what you sell?  Broadcast is called mass media for a reason.

About The Author

Keith Reising

Keith Reising is the President and founder of Reising Radiio Partners Inc. Over the past 30 years Keith has acquired -3- FM stations and branded the familiar names QMIX, KORN, and MOJO. Keith has created the premiere radio station brands in Columbus as well as the event "QMIX Musical Fireworks" and a popular push out email subscription news product "Local News digital".

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