This winter Olympic Sport needs to come back right now!

This may be the most wonderful sport ever….Ladies and Gentlemen….I give you….




According to Wikipedia:

Ski ballet (later renamed acroski) was a freestyle skiing discipline from the late-1960s until the year 2000. It is no longer a part of competitive freestyle skiing. Ski Ballet involved a choreographed routine of flips, rolls, leg crossings, jumps, and spins performed on a smooth slope. After the mid-1970s the routine was performed to music for 90 seconds. For a short period of time (in the 1980s) there was also pair balletcompetitions, a variation of ballet, where two people performed tricks that not only included spins, jumps and leg crossing but also lifts and synchronic movements. A panel of judges scored the performance.


AKA: All the stuff you love about Figure Skating on skis!



WHY DON’T I REMEMBER THIS??? True, I may have been to wrapped up in everything Kristy Yamaguchi / Nancy Kerrigan  at the time, but still! This sport is wonderful. It needs to come back.

Especially the gold puffy sleeves. 


According to Buzzfeed, it only appeared in the 1988 and 1992 Winter Olympics, and even then was only a “demonstration sport,” which means it was only added as a trial run to raise the sport’s popularity.


Ugh- All that talent….just down the toilet….so sad!


I am all for bringing this back… just as long as the tacky outfits come back with it!



What do you think? Should Ski Ballet come back?



Totally worth the 4 minutes…enjoy!

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