Top 3 Things: 'Food Rumor Has It' Edition

Another life lesson: Don’t believe everything you hear. A recent article from the New York Post has blown the story wide open! Some foods that you have been told are unhealthy, are actually not as awful as you think.


Here are the Top 3 foods that you can put in your face hole and not feel super awful about it:


#3 No need to just eat egg whites. All the nutrients come from the yolk. 

#2 Naturally flavored hot chocolate is okay. The packaged kind, not so much, because of all the extra sugar. But using pure cocoa powder is a good way to get some extra antioxidants. 


#1 BACON! (In moderation…<that part isn’t as fun. Sorry.) Just trim the fat and try to only indulge once a week. 



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