Top 3 Things: Office Bug-a-boos Edition

Time to vent about some office bug-a-boos. (Disclaimer: My list does not pertain to the lovely peeps at QMIX. We act dignified and respectful here. 😉 But seriously, I did have an “office job” a few years ago. So when I saw an article about this today, I decided to throw my own list together.)


Here are the Top 3 bug-a-boos that you may witness in the office:


#3 Loud phone conversations. Let’s keep things to a dull roar please. No one wants to be an involuntary 3rd person in your conversation. 

#2 Inappropriate desk behavior. I’ve actually been sitting at my desk and HEARD someone clipping their toe nails. What? Take that mess to the bathroom! Or better yet, do it at home. 

#1 Email signatures that are comparable to a short story or a complete resume. Stop it. 


What are some of your office bug-a-boos?

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