TV Guide Reveals Top 60 TV Families

“Family ties bind us. We invite TV dynasties into the middle of our full houses (upstairs, downstairs) for happy days and good times. Watching married-with-children characters one day at a time becomes an all-in-the-family affair for the wonder years and brings about home improvement. That’s why modern families matter and can take us to seventh heaven.”

See what they did there? I’ll start with the top 10 and then the best of the rest is featured below.

10. THE WALTONS: I never really watched this show. The only thing I associate with it is, “G’night Jim Bob,” and etc. A family that sleeps together…. oh, no. Wait. Stop!

9. THE ADDAMSES: Might have been the best “scary family” on TV. Sure, the Musters were great, but they didn’t get a movie deal and a sequel.

8. THE CLEAVERS: Oh, Beav!

7. THE EWINGS: I never watched “Dallas” either. All I know is JR was shot at some point and Patrick Duffy dreamt something.

6. THE CONNORS: Really? Of all the TV Families of the early nineties, you choose “Roseanne’s” family? Come on, TV Guide!

5. THE BARONES: I am completely okay with this listing and it’s placement. Doris Roberts is my favorite!

4. THE BUNKERS: I guess at some point “All in the Family” was THE show to watch. Carol O’Connor got a lot of Emmy Awards for his role as Archie. There you go.

3. THE SOPRANOS: What? I loved this show but making Tony, Camilla, and the brood number three is like the horrible ending of the series where they’re in the diner and

2. THE HUXTABLES: Yes. Okay. You’re here because of Rudy.

1. THE BRADYS: Here’s a story. Of a lovely lady. Who was bringing up three very lovely girls. All of them had hair of gold. Like their mother. The youngest one in curls. Here’s the story. Of a man named Brady. Who was bringing up three boys of his own. They were four men living all together. Yet they were all alone. Till the one day when the lady met this fellow. And they knew that it was much more than a hunch. That this group must somehow form a family. That’s the way we all became the Brady Bunch. The Brady Bunch (doo doot doo doo). And that my friends. Was typed from memory. 🙂

He rest of the list(Alphabetically):

The Andersons (Father Knows Best)
The Arnolds (The Wonder Years)
The Bankses (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
The Bellamys (Upstairs, Downstairs)
The Bluths (Arrested Development)
The Bradfords (Eight Is Enough)
The Bundys (Married…With Children)
The Camdens (7th Heaven)
The Carringtons (Dynasty)
The Clampetts (The Beverly Hillbillies)
The Cohens (The O.C.)
The Corbetts (The Courtship of Eddie’s Father)
The Crawleys (Downton Abbey) – Really? I love they made the list!
The Cunninghams (Happy Days)
The Davises (Family Affair)
The Douglases (My Three Sons)
The Evanses (Good Times)
The Fishers (Six Feet Under)
The Flintstones (The Flintstones)
The Formans (That ’70s Show)
The Gavins (Rescue Me)
The Gilmores (Gilmore Girls)
The Hecks (The Middle)
The Heffernans (The King of Queens) – Gross.
The Ingallses (Little House on the Prairie)
The Jeffersons (The Jeffersons)
The Keatons (Family Ties)
The Lanes (The Patty Duke Show)
The Lawrences (Family)
The Lopezes (George Lopez)
Malcolm’s family (Malcolm in the Middle)
The Munsters (The Munsters)
The Nelsons (The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet)
The Partridges (The Partridge Family)
The Petries (The Dick Van Dyke Show)
The Pritchetts and the ­Dunphys (Modern Family)
The Ricardos (I Love Lucy) – This HAD to be number 11. 
The Romanos (One Day at a Time)
The Salingers (Party of Five)
The Sanfords (Sanford and Son)
The Simpsons (The Simpsons) – Best cartoon family outside The Pickles’!
The Stones (The Donna Reed Show)
The Tanners (Full House) – Should have been Top 10!
The Taylors (The Andy Griffith Show) – For me. Number One!
The Taylors (Friday Night Lights)
The Taylors (Home Improvement) – Should have out-tooled The Sopranos!
The Tates and the Campbells (Soap)
The Walshes (Beverly Hills, 90210)
The Winslows (Family Matters) – They always had cheese!
The Whites (Breaking Bad)

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