Wait, what color is the smoke?

Has TIME Magazine named a new Person of the Year?

Yes, they have!

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Now, I am NOT Catholic. I am not a religiousy type person, either. I am not here to offend anyone who are either of those things. 

But, of late, I am huge fan of this man. And here’s why:

Pope_FrancisHe’s jovial.


187075057.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlargeHe scares babies.


130729084616-01-pope-0729-horizontal-galleryHe’s just as uncomfortable in airplanes’ small spaces as the rest of us.


Vatican PopeHe might fly. Like Sally Field. 


6c7cebfd673b7db572853b101b7e9f8e019cb801651de4d3b421bb4d72466f2eSometimes, he gets tired and he yawns.


PopeFrancisSelfieHe connects with the young people. #selfie


pope-francis-rio-wenn-600-370He tries really hard to do the “Live Long & Prosper” hand sign.


1_photo_Fotor-630x409He’s like a grandpa. He’s like my grandpa. I trust him. 


4582812-3x2-940x627And, he’s trying really hard to not only unite the Catholic peoples of the world. He’s trying to unite ALL peoples of the world with his teachings. 




Yes! Congratulations, Mr. Pope, sir…your excellency. Pontiff. Padre. Father. Person of the Year.












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