Walking Dead and Toy Story: Same Plot Line?!?

So my husband Dan and I have been getting into AMC’s The Walking Dead. 

I know, we are tardy to the party, but better late than never right? 



See? Rick’s happy that Dan and I are on the bandwagon now! 🙂


I was really reluctant to get into this series. I’m really not a fan of blood, guts and gore. Dan wanted me to give it a try though with him and so I reluctantly sat with him through the first few episodes. Then I agreed to watch it with him just as long as we limit it to one episode a day… and then I became hooked. I LOVE the questions of humanity that are addressed and the super deep character development. 


I still turn away from the blood, guts and gore. That will never change… 🙂 


SO- we just finished Season 3 last night…and I feel like I can search the internet with a little more freedom now researching fun facts and trivia about the show. Yeah I’m a nerd like that…

While doing so- I came across this amazing theory that the Walking Dead is the same plot line as the Toy Story trilogy. OK- maybe not exactly the same, but the similarities are freakishly close!

How so you may ask? Well this video sums it up quite nicely. I did see this theory on Buzzfeed too, but this video has a few more similarities listed and overlaps both in fun ways. Check it out!

SPOILER ALERT: Only watch if you have seen seasons 1-3 of Walking Dead and Toy Story movies. 

Also- not exactly a family friendly video since there are scenes of blood guts and gore. Parental Discretion advised. 

PS- I’m pretty sure the Govenor and that Teddy bear have THE EXACT same voice! haha!

Also- does anyone have the first half of Season 4 of Walking Dead we can borrow? 🙂 


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