What did I do Thanksgiving? BODY SHOTS!

Heading into Week 9 of my 10 week Challenge at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping!

But before I get into week 9- I gotta tell you about the end of week 8…

So Farrell’s offered an extra kickboxing class Thanksgiving to help raise money for their Movember team. (Which by the way they ROCKED IT! over $3,000 raised! Congrats!) I wanted to get an extra kickboxing class in so I signed up for this ON TOP OF the usual strength training class. 

Yes. I did these back to back….AND AT 6AM! (Kickboxing was at 6am, strength at 7am) 

I was very nervous about working out this hard this early. Sure I’ve done long runs this early when I was training for the Mill Race Half Marathon, but that’s a bit easier on the stomach than these kickboxing classes…

So kickboxing class started like usual…warm up, stretching, more warming up. I’m thinking…

Then I was introduced to Body Shots….


No, not like what Jack Donaghy is drinking…

Sidenote: I realize this isn’t a body shot, but I like to keep things PGish on here and felt uncomfortable searching for body shot gifs. I think this gets the point across.

Body Shots at Farrell’s can feel like a night of the other kind of body shots, but believe me, you feel a lot better about yourself afterwards! 

The class was divided into two groups, and the punching bags lined the front and the back of the room (with enough room to run around the outside). Group 1 would start on the inside and do a series of various exercises (jump squats, toe tappers, planks, 4 point push-ups, burpees, all the fun that makes your abs cry like a baby) while Group 2 would run around the outside and either double punch each bag or do our right and left jabs/crosses/hooks/upper cuts and kicks. 

Then I jumped right into strength training afterwards…

How did I feel? Yes it was rough, and my body hated me during those 2 hours, but I DID ITI! I survived! I didn’t puke or faint! I was shaky during strength training and there were some exercises I couldn’t exactly band-up like usual, but I would just remind myself that I just kicked some booty the last hour. 

It also helped that it was Thanksgiving, and by about noon this was me….

And I stayed there for a good 3 hours…

So the lesson here is….normal body shots….BAD.

Farrell’s Body Shots? EXCELLENT!

-Sara Beth

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